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25 Years of Hancock county ag in the classroom

The Hancock County Ag in the Classroom program began in 1998 as a way to teach students and adults throughout the county about where their food comes from.  Mrs. Dawn Weinberg has been the Ag Literacy Coordinator since the program began.  The majority of her time is spent conducting 30 minute classroom programs for students ages pre-K through 5th grade.  Students learn about agriculture on a daily basis, covering topics such as livestock, crops, etc.  In addition to classroom presentations, Mrs. Weinberg also conducts teacher workshops to help teachers learn ways to integrate agriculture into their daily curriculum. 
2022-2023 school year:
1,546 unduplicated students - 97 classrooms - 586 programs - 9994 duplicated students
2023-2024 school year projections:

1,691 unduplicated students - 100 classrooms - 689 programs - 12,306 duplicated students

For more information about the Hancock County Ag Literacy Program, contact Dawn Weinberg at 217-357-2150